Getting To Know the Skateboard Truck

skateboard truck
skateboard truck

A skateboard truck is a necessary component of a skateboard because it will determine how your skateboard will perform. It helps in maneuvering and controlling the direction of a skateboarder at their will.

Skateboard trucks are T-shaped metal pieces that are installed underneath the deck of the skateboard. This is also where the wheels and bearings are securely attached. In this article, we will be listing down the important components of a skateboard truck and how it is made.

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What are the Parts of a Skateboard Truck?

Trucks are made up of many parts such as axles, hangers, kingpins, and bushings. These parts work simultaneously to provide your skateboard with top stability and control while rolling and performing tricks.

Let’s get to know each of these parts and what it does to a skateboard.

1. Baseplate

The baseplate is the foundation of the truck. It is the part mounted on the deck with 4 bolts. The kingpin and the pivot cup are also located on the base plate.

2. Kingpin

The large bolt that connects the hanger to the base plate is called the kingpin. Typically, the kingpin nut is located at the upper end of the kingpin and is easily replaceable.

There are two types of kingpin, a standard, and a hallow. A standard is made solid while a hollow kingpin is a hollowed-out bolt, which reduces the weight of the truck.

3. Hanger

The hanger is the area of the trucks on which you grind on railings. It is next to the base plate is the hanger which is the main component of your truck.

The rear part of the hanger is called the pivot and sits in the pivot cup of the base plate. On the flip side, the hanger is attached to the base plate with the kingpin and bushings.

4. Bushings

The bushings are the components of the trucks that determine the turning performance. They are made from polyurethane and are placed on the kingpin between the base plate and hanger.

They are available in a range of firmness and can easily be interchanged with the help of a skate tool. Some bushings are also equipped with a reinforced hard plastic layer which means washers are not required.

5. Axle

The axle is a bar made of titanium or steel that extends through the hanger, which is cast around it.

The wheels and bearings are mounted on the visible parts of the axle. If the thread of the axle has worn out, you can use a skate tool with an axle rethreader to fix it.

6. Axle nuts

Axle nuts are the nuts attached to the axle and are used to mount the wheels. In case that there is a loose or lost axle nut, you can easily get replacement axle nuts in most skate shops.

7. Washer

The metal discs placed above and below the bushings are called the washers. It ensures that the forces acting on the board are evenly distributed to make every ride stable.

8. Speedrings

Speed rings are small washers that are the same size as the core of the bearings. They are located between the bearings and hangers as well as between the bearings and axle nuts.

They prevent the bearings from scraping against the other components that may lead to rusting and deformation.

skateboard truck

How are Skateboard Trucks Produced?

Skateboard trucks are made from molded aluminum alloys which give its light yet strong and stiff quality. The smelted aluminum alloy is injected in between skateboard truck molds.

The truck molds are then pressed together under a 20-ton weight to squeeze out all the air. The process of eliminating any air bubbles will result in a high density, durable skateboard truck.

The molded alloys are cooled down and will proceed to a smoothing phase with the help of machines.


Aside from having a durable deck, it is also vital that you are guaranteed that your trucks are in a top-notch performance. Here in VZG, all our trucks are made from premium grade alloy metals and have passed multiple inspections to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

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