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About Venture Zebra Group

Venture Zebra Group is a manufacture and product development company that constantly looking for opportunities to innovate and disrupt status quo. Our fundamental philosophy lies in our deep believes in innovative thinking and thirst for knowledge. Therefore, we are continuously searching for better solution to problems, and trying to make our world a better place to live.

Venture Zebra Group’s goal is to design and build innovative products that challenges the status quo. We believe human resource is the most important resource in our company, and committed to treat to our partners with complete fairness and respects.


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Shenzhen Venture Zebra, Ltd., formerly Shenzhen Olympics Long Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., now a division of Venture Zebra Group, provides skateboard & longboard manufacturing to many major international brands. Since it's inception in 2004, Shenzhen Venture Zebra has servered and continue serving hundreds cusomers around the world. As of today, we have two factory locations, one in Southern China, with a focus on high end niche market products; another one in Northern China, focus on mass market production. We were the first company employed CNC machine and robotic arms for longboard manufacturing in China.


Venture Zebra Lab, the research and development division of Venture Zebra Group, is focused on developing cutting-edge concepts and experiment with the newest technologies.


Honesty, Teamwork, Integrity, Professionalism, Dedication, Innovation


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